San Miguel Resource Connection

                  June 29...Kids Bat rescue program at library, 3 pm
                  June 29...regular CSD board meeting 4 pm (open session approx. 5:30}
        July 4...flag raising at Pleasant Valley School
        July 6...CSD special board meeting     
        July 13...Animal of the Central Coast, deer program at library, 3 pm
        July 13, 20, and and teen walk and talk at the library
        July 13.. North County Chamber Mixer
        July 14...Bingo at Sr. Center 
        July 20...Kids craft program at library, 3 pm
        July 26...SMAC mtg.  7 pm
        July 27...CSD  regular board meeting
        July 28...Bingo at Senior Center
        July 30..  breakfast at Sr. Center  

    CHC would like everyone to know they are available at 1385 Mission St,  San Miguel to help with your medical needs

    Update on Progress on San Miguel Park
    Received an update from Elizabeth Kavanaugh regarding the progress on our park construction.  They expect the construction to be essentially completed sometime in  early July with the exception of the grassy field area.  That will be fenced and allowed to grow for approximately 3 additional months.  All features of the plan will be constructed except for the Gazebo which requires additional funding.   They had found a grant to apply for that could make that possible, but it requires matching funds which are not available at the county.  In the near future they are also hoping to replace existing playground equipment with a newer playground.
    In case you've forgotten, here's a design drawing
    The San Miguel Swimming Pool is open, but...
    Swimming is free for children thanks to a donation by Supervisor John Peschong.  There is a huge need for lifeguards.  If you know anyone who might be interested in lifeguarding at the pool, please ask them to contact county parks.  The pool can only be open when a lifeguard is available and right now there is limited availability to keep pool open. This would be a great job for a high school student and it would be great to once again have a lifeguard from San Miguel

       San Miguel Library, the place to be        this summer!
    Lots of exciting things are happening at the Library this summer.   Check out the BENTO Display through August.  Bento boxes are lunch boxes for adults and children  that can be very creative designs.  See a variety of designs at the library. 
    Be sure to get your kids involved in the children program and participate in the adult summer program as well.  Fun for all.  More information available on library page.

    Glancing Back,
    Remembering Our Heritage
    The San Miguel Resource Connection has taken on the San Miguel History Project and this webpage as its major projects.  It is intended to preserve as much of the San Miguel History as possible and share in a way to encourage others to take an interest and understand the rich heritage of the community.       *****

    This month we share  some memories from a San Miguel Volunteer Fireman in earlier days.  If you have any memories you'd like to share, please contact us @  Be sure to use zoom tools (+) at bottom of document to make print larger and easier to read.

    Back in those days, adult volunteer firemen received a flat $10 for each fire to which they responded.   Then they donated it to the special savings fund for a new fire station—part of the money used to build the present station.   Now San Miguel firefighters receive $15 an hour for the time put in responding.   So it is still not a full time job, but a “when available during a call” job.   Chief Roberson is always welcoming new men and women interested in being a San Miguel Firefighter.  If you have any interest in being involved, stop by and talk to the Chief.  Drills are the  first, second, and third Tuesdays of each month at 6 pm at the fire station.  Stop by and get acquainted.


    San Miguel Community Services District

     Next regular mtg July 27  

    If you live within the San Miguel CSD,   get involved, be knowledgeable about what is going on.  Attend meetings. The CSD Board is interested in your input. 805-467-3388

    The San Miguel CSD is now under the leadership of  Fire Chief Rob Roberson who is also the interim manager.  In this interim of restructuring, the CSD is committed to continuing to support the community by providing the best service they can.  The CSD presently has a great team of employees who are committed to keeping things running as smoothly as possible.  Rob invites you to stop in and share any questions, concerns or ideas.


    Fireworks for Sale in San Miguel

    With fire season in the high  risk category, you might question why the CSD allows the sale of fireworks. 

      The point is that the fireworks that is allowed to be sold is Safe & Sane Fireworks, the only kind of fireworks that is legal.  It’s the illegal fireworks that causes the high risk and is used by those not abiding by the law  and who would use it regardless of whether or not  “Safe & Sane Fireworks” is allowed in town.

           Because of illegal fireworks,  Fourth of July is an especially high risk time for fires in town.  So by charging fees for  “Safe & Sane Fireworks booths”, the CSD is able to have the money to pay firemen to be on duty on July 4th, surveying town, and fully available in case of fire.  In the approx. 15 years of “Safe & Sane Fireworks” in San Miguel they can report there have been no fire incidents during the 4th of July.

          You also might wonder why the Firefighters’ Association sells fireworks.  It is a great fundraiser and because of it they are able to fund annual fire prevention  activities  at Lillian Larsen and Almond Acres Schools.  They are able to provide $750 annually to fund a child burn survivor’s attendance at a special week long  “Champ Camp” provided by the Alicia N. Rouch Burn Foundation.  They also are able to raise money for other special projects. 

    San Miguel Lions Club & San Miguel Native Sons also have a “Safe & Sane Fireworks booth” on K St.  The money they raise supports the many community activities they sponsor.
     So keep on buying “Safe & Sane Fireworks” from your San Miguel Fireworks booths, supporting your community, and having fun while being safe.  Happy Fourth of July! 

    Pleasant Valley School  Community Foundation  is holding a Fourth of July FLAG RAISING.  10-11:30  a.m.  on July 4 at the old School House
    Come enjoy raising the large flag and relaxing with great people and experiencing a frozen chocolate banana, ice cream, a soda, or a root beer float  before you head off to the rest of your 4th of July Celebrating.

    Supervisor John Peschong will  be available at the Mission Parish Hall from 2-4 pm on 
    July 6.  You can contact his office to set up an appointment. 
    VICKI JANSSEN, Legislative Assistant
    First District Supervisor John Peschong
    1055 Monterey St.,  D430
    San Luis Obispo, CA   93408
    (805)781-4491/Fax (805) 781-1350 

    The San Miguel Plan final update is also available online:    It is the last one on the list. 

    All members or interested members of the SMCC are invited to join each month's Board Meetings.  Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at Mars Mega Storage off Hwy 101 on Wellsona
    ,   (Just past Vines RV.) more info:  Because the July regular meeting date is July 4, it has been moved for this month to July 11, same time and place.  Becoming a member of the  Chamber is open to anyone interested .  You don't have to be a business owner.
    The 4 North County Chamber Mixer  is on July 13 a Templeton Tennis Club in Templeton from 5:30-7:30 pm Two San Miguel Wineries will be pouring and two San Miguel businesses will also be providing food. 

    Taking Pride in our Community—A plea to help keep it trash-free  

     “If there’s litter on the ground and you look down and don’t pick it up, yo

    u’re almost as guilty as the person who put it there in the first place.”— MIT Inventor, Amy B. Smithonnd yIf you are interested in being involved  in maintaining a garden area. Call Mike @ 805-712-9120 for more info   

    San Miguel  Advisory
    has a newly elected Members

    Pictured: Jean Hoffmann, John McClure, Michael Sanders, Gavino Villa, Sharon Brower.
    The Council still has 3 positions open. If anyone is interested
     in serving, please contact Mike. You don't have to live within San MIguel.
    July 26, next 



     general meeting beginning at 7pm.     
     Contact Mike Sanders for more information:  805-712-9120

    The San Miguel Parlor is one of the oldest continuous operating parlors in the state.  Membership is open to all women born in California.  If that's you, consider getting involved  in an organization that promotes preservation of history, helping with veterans welfare, providing for children that need help, and honoring our great state.
    Native Daughters meet the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm at the Sr. Citizen Center.  Call Jean if you'd like more information or want to get involved:  805-467-0194


     A long term closure for motorists wishing to turn left from San Marcos Road onto northbound US Highway 101 will begin Wednesday, April 12.  This closure is necessary for safety during median construction of the southbound San Marcos Creek Bridge.   Electronic message boards have been activated to inform the community about these closures. Motorists will continue to turn right at this location.  This closure will last until this fall

    Enjoy a fun night out playing bingo!     San Miguel Senior Citizens host Bi-monthly Bingo at Senior Center East 12th St. every second and fourth Friday.  They invite all interested adults to join in the fun.  Doors open at 6 pm.  They play 10 games at only
     50 cents
    per card and you can enjoy refreshment
    while you play
    Also, once a month they host a Sunday morning Pancake Breakfast from 8:30-11:30.  Scheduled on the last Sunday of each month,  
    Once a month they also have a potluck for all those seniors  in the community or adjoining areas who might enjoy the good food and nice people. 

    Friends of Adobes, Inc.
    is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1968 for the purpose of bringing together persons interested in history, especially the history of northern San Luis Obispo county and southern Monterey county. The organization’s major function is to promote the restoration and maintenance of adobes and other landmarks of historical significance in these area.

    San Miguel Joint Unified School District Board Meetings
    The community is invited to attend school board meetings and provide input to the board's discussion.  Regular meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of each month, adjusted for holidays or special circumstances.  For the most current information, call the superintendent's office at (805) 467-3216, ext. 203.  The board packet for the meetings are posted and available for review/download on the Friday before a meeting on the district website.
    The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in the library at Lillian Larsen Elementary, 1601 L Street, San Miguel, CA 93451.


    Please jo

    in the Almond Country 

    Quilters’ Guild for their Monthly Meeting.

    Please join the Almond Country Quilters’ Guild for a SPECIAL GUEST meeting: Fri

    day, July 7, 2017   

    at Trinity Lutheran Church, 940 Creston Road, Paso Robles, 6:30 pm .

    Sandra Bruce ( lecturing on her technique, “Material Matrix”, which involves interpreting a gridded photograph with fabric. This process is different from other gridded photograph methods in that it involves piecing and a loose, representational style inspired by the painter, Chuck Close


    For  meeting information the contact is Website is    Facebook link is:



          • Large household items such as furniture, mattresses ($10 fee for each), and generally things that won’t fit into your regular garbage can

          • Metal items such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, scrap metal of any kind

          • SMALL batteries &electronic items such as TV’s, VCR’s computers, monitors, stereos, etc.

          • Donations are appreciated to help cover dumping fees The

          • Garbage Company donates their service as the Firefighters donate their time for the clean up days, but they have to pay a $350 dump fee plus $10 per mattress, so your generous donations are needed to insure that this event continues.

        • All donations should be addressed to :  SMFA Cleanup Committee

        • Thank you San Miguel Firefighters Association Volunteers

          and San

          Miguel Garbage Co. for all your efforts in making this event possible!