San Miguel Community Services District

Reminder: C.S.D Board Meeting 4th Thursday of every month at 7 p.m.

“Committed to serving the community with effectiveness, efficiency, and care, to support the economic and social quality of life in San Miguel”


The District has created an online payment option. To utilize this option go to http://sanmiguelcsd.org/  and click on the big blue link labeled: Pay Bills. Then you will have to enter your Web I.D. which is located on your bill down by the “Amount Enclosed” this is your secure I.D. The program will then ask you enter the first four letters in your first name (if you don’t have four letters use a space after 3 letters). When you have done that, it will show you your account and ask you to make a user name and password. Once you have done that, it will e-mail you a confirmation e-mail, and all you have to do is open it to confirm.

Once your user name and password are created, you can set up:

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activities for January 2015

by District Interim Manager,  Darrell Gentry 

Board Meeting Actions

The January CSD Regular Board meeting was a full agenda that involved declaring some District equipment as surplus property and authorizing a public auction for sale of the items.  Board members approved new purchasing policies and procedures for future expenditures and bidding.

Board also discussed a proposal for a $100.00 monthly stipend for the Board members.  A number of San Miguel community residents spoke about how the Board members should be doing their work as volunteers and not take a stipend.  Some speakers talked about importance of tightly controlling costs and expenses, even for the proposed per meeting stipend.

After lengthy discussion, the Board decided to not take a stipend and continue the present practice of no stipend pay.

Other CSD News & Happenings

Water leaks and losses are costly!!!  Such losses are costly to the customer and the District.  District-wide, there are significant water losses due to leaks inside and outside the home.  District staff is working to reduce and eliminate such water leak losses throughout San Miguel.  Reducing such leaks can save customers $$$$$ and help to conserve water for drinking purposes.  California is in a severe drought that may continue for the future.  Californians need to conserve water and reduce water uses wherever possible. 

District staff can help customer to detect leaks, advise on drought tolerant plant species, and provide other water conservation ideas and practices. Call or contact District office for further information or assistance.

Lastly, a quick quiz—How many gallons of water is equal to 1 unit of water on your monthly bills? 

Answer:  748 gallons = 1 unit of billable water.  So, 10 units of billable water is 7,480 gallons.  40%  of water is generally used for outside irrigation of landscaping.