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June 2017

May 2017

Taking Pride in our Community—A plea to keep it trash-free and nicely landscaped.

San Miguel Chamber of Commerce has made great progress  improving the garden areas along Mission St. 

Last fall they applied for and procured a county grant of $1300 to pay for expenses involved in making improvements to those gardens.   At about the same time, they received a donation from San Miguel Garbage Company of some compost for garden plots between 13th and 14th Streets that was spread on top of ground to allow soaking in and later be mixed into the existing dirt.

  If you are not aware, the soil in the existing garden beds was poorly prepared when first installed by county contractors, including inadequate watering system and has been an ongoing struggle to keep them looking nice.  Since the county was only taking responsibility for installation, maintenance didn’t happen for some time.  Thankfully the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce agreed to take on this project.

When the spring weather allowed, further work was undertaken on gardens between 13th and 14th St. thanks to having the grant money with which to work.   First the gardens were properly weeded before adding more soil amendments.  Organic starter soil, organic fertilizer, and organic soil were mixed together into the weed free composted soil in the beds.  This included 100% organic compost available at Home Depot, Jobes Organic Fertilizer, and diluted Fish Emulsion. Plants were purchased from Arroyo Grande Native Sons Nursery, planted and supplied with individual drip system for water, then weed prevention cover sheets were installed and then covered with bark purchased from Rossi in Templeton.    Mr. Gavino and his son from Paso Bamboo (on River Rd just out of San Miguel) assisted Mike and Miki Sanders with most of the installation work.  Mr. Gavino 

also donated the two picnic benches at 14th St as well as the two new trees.  He also has volunteered to be responsible for maintaining the 14th St. large garden area with the picnic tables.   Wow!  Thank you Mr. Gavino and son as well as Mike and Miki.

Mike Sanders, who spearheaded this for the Chamber, would love to have more people step up to the plate and offer to take responsibility for maintaining a garden area.  The plan is to apply for more grant money this year and complete more garden sections.  The blocks between 11th - 13th should be easier because they won’t need quite as much work.

The goal is to have beautiful landscaping along Mission St. to enhance the town, especially the downtown.  Everyone can help by just putting trash in the provided trash receptacles rather that throwing it on the ground.  The hope is that people will take pride in the downtown and do their part to keep it looking nice.

 Call Mike @ 805-712-9120 for more info

Sagebrush DAys 2017 
 Sagebrush Days Enjoyed by all
The San Miguel Parade Committee and the SMCC would like to thank the following organizations for their sponsorship of the San Miguel Sagebrush Days Parade and Peddlers Faire: San Marcos Creek Vineyard and the San Miguel Garbage Company. We would also like to thank those who donated to the event and who paid for advertising and for their booths prior to and during the event.
Thanks so much from all of us!!
The winners of the 27th Annual Sagebrush Days Parade are as follows:
Best Over All: The Vaqueros de San Miguel for their beautiful horsemanship, the impressive numbers of riders and in memory of the passing last year of one of their great riders and mentors. We honor their presentation.


      Best Float: The Elkhorn "Fillies", a venue that has only been reinstated this year after several years of retirement. Thank you, ladies, for your historical participation.
Best Group Vehicles: The Estrella Warbirds, always a welcomed presentation of their WWII era vehicles and of the history (particularly of San Miguel) which they represent. 
Best Individual Vehicles: The San Miguel Firefighters 1937 Fire Truck, a nostalgic view of our community services (the driver, Gib Buckman, also received the "Key to the Town" during this exhibition!).

The Best Mounted Group: The San Luis Obispo County Sheriffs' Posse, a stellar team of equestrians and a reminder of the law of the Old West.
The Best Individual WalkingThe San Miguel Advisory, with thanks to John for representing the Council and reminding us of their involvement in helping bring about improvements for the community. Also noted: The Advisory Council will be having an election for Council members in June. Nomination applications can be collected at the next Advisory Council meetings scheduled for April 26 and May 24 at 7 pm at the San Miguel Community Center (between K and L Streets in the alley by the Library). Your participation makes a difference in San Miguel.
The Best Walking Group: The Lillian Larsen PTO Old West Style, with representative members of the PTO and their children.      and finally,
This year's San Miguel Parade Committee Special Award goes to The Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West for their large walking group's display of the massive California Flag. A thrilling sight! 

Thanks for being a part of Sagebrush Days and congratulations to everyone! 

April 2017
Thanks to the Ranchita Canyon 4-H Club,The Mission Street Benches Got Much Needed Attention.

Special Thanks goes out to the Ranchita Canyon 4H Club children who donated their time on 
Sunday, March 19th to help sand and oil the benches on Mission Street in San Miguel. The San Miguel Chamber of Commerce thankfully recognizes Kaitlyn Hebrard, Reagan Glenn, Briley Bowen, Bella Bowen and Bennett Cavalletto and their parents who showed up at The San Miguel Mercantile bright and early in the morning to take care of this very needed assignment.

The SMCC hosted a great Mixer at the Military Museum at Camp Roberts on March 7th.

About  20 people attended, interacted in lots of military professional Q/A and witnessed the incredible number of artifacts that are carefully maintained by the curator, 

Gary McMasters.

 Food (provided bthe SMCC Board members)

 and wine (generously supplied by San Marcos Creek Winery). This was a very dynamic and informative mixer. 

Look forward to our next Mixer in June at the Vines RV Resort and in July with the 4North County Chamber Mixer in Templeton. More information about dates and times of mixers and the May Car Show will be announced as we draw closer to the actual event.


If you'd like to see our downtown area looking good,  find a way to get involved in helping with this project..  

Downtown Landscaping needs your help.  Some background: For several years now, the Chamber has  tried to get businesses and community members to adopt sections of the downtown landscape to keep it looking nice with weeds under control.  Some businesses and a few individuals stepped forward and adopted a section, but not all were adopted.   Unfortunately, we've had some businesses move on and some adoptions given up.  Fortunately we have had some quarterly  help  this year from employees of Courtside Cellars--that has been greatly appreciated. We are thankful for "the Walky-Talkies"San Miguel Mercantile, and  Linda's Country Diner for consistently caring for their adoptions. We also appreciate those who have helped in our bimonthly landscape workdays.  We also appreciate San Miguel Garbage for always supplying containers and disposing of the green waste as well as the liter we collect. Unfortunately, lately we have not had enough help to sufficiently tend to all of the needs of the un adopted spaces.  We have also faced some problems with the deficient water system put in by the county and many of the plants have died as a result.  This is an ongoing problem that we are hoping will be resolved in the near future.

The need:  We need more individuals, families,neighborhood groups, organizations, businesses, or  other groups to step forward to adopt a section of the landscaping between 11th and 14th streets on Mission St.  We have guidelines that have to be followed, but they are not hard.  It only requires a commitment of your time to tend your section, probably once a month is sufficient.   We are discontinuing the scheduled bi-monthly workdays because of lack of volunteers.      Contact Mike Sanders at San Miguel Mercantile for more information or to volunteer , or 712-9120


 Bench Fund
  Most of the benches have been adopted.   There are only a few benches left. If you want one, time is growing short,
consider making a donation/ application
for 'Adopt a Bench'.
San Miguel 
Chamber of Commerce is asking for individuals, 
groups, organizations, and businesses to make a donation
of any

amount to contribute to the project or Adopt a Bench by donating at least $200 to the FUND. If you adopt a bench, it can be done as a memorial to someone , a family or business. There is still time to get involved and do what you can to improve the community.  Take a walk down Mission Street and check out and enjoy all the memorial benches.

  See Mike at the Mercantile if you are interested or want to know more.  more info? please email Mike

Next Harvest Faire,   

corner of 12th & Mission Street 

The last Harvest Faire was a successful  beginning and so it will continue each 3rd Friday of the month.  If you missed out on the great local produce and other vendor treats, you should plan to make it to the November event.  This is a joint venture of the San Miguel Chamber in collaboration with The Coffee Station in an effort to try to determine the feasibility of eventually opening a farmer's market in San Miguel.  Come and give your input.  If you would like to be involved as a vendor or as a part of the planning committee,  or just get more information, please contact John @(805) 712-8257 or

Feb. 2014     A New Website for the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce
The San Miguel Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to consider joining their organization. They are a fully structured Chamber of Commerce with a Board that meets the first Wednesday of the first full week of the month. Their next meeting is scheduled for February 5th. They always meet at Mars Mega Storage at 100 Wellsona Road at 6:30 pm. Members are welcome.
They have great news! All current member businesses and service organizations in the area, including churches, are welcome to free advertisement via their new website. You’ll find them at In fact, if you haven’t done so yet, check to see if your business has already been placed in the Business Directory of the Chamber website. If it is, please inform your customers that you are a San Miguel Chamber of Commerce member by listing their website address on your website. If you peruse their site and discover that your website isn’t already listed there, contact the number below and they will rectify that absence immediately.  They want to encourage your having an automatic link between your business or organization and the Chamber because they care about your presence in San Miguel. 
The next mixer is scheduled for February 12th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at Riverstar Vineyards. There will be a 50/50. Members should bring copies of their business cards and Valentines and chocolates, if they'd like
If you would like more information or would simply like to join the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce, please contact Mike Sanders at (805) 712-9120.

submitted July 18, 2013

A Chamber Update

By Miki Landseadel-Sanders

President of the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce

 The San Miguel Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce its new logo 

to our members. After having given much consideration to the cultural history of
San Miguel and its more modem viticulture and agriculture, the Board has chosen a
design that we feel does honor to San Miguel's past and yet speaks for its current
commercial values and commitments.

We are in the process of constructing a web-site that will include a list of
San Miguel Chamber of Commerce business membership and links directly to
such businesses.
Please let us know if your business would like to be included in
that linkage. The web-site should be operational before winter of2013.

In more Chamber news, we will be representing San Miguel in the 2nd
Annual North County Mixer,
sponsored by the Atascadero, Paso Robles, San
Miguel and Templeton Chambers of Commerce. The event takes place on
July 31st
at Idlers in Paso Robles from 5:30-7:30 PM.
Ranchita Canyon Winery and
Silverhorse Winery as well as 10th Street Basque Cafe will offer their delectables in
company with other Chambers' wineries and caterers. A door prize and a 50/50
raffle will add to the fun. Come join us.

Additionally, the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce is the main sponsor
of the August 24th event: the 3rd San Miguel Car Show
(see flyer and
applications attached to this mailing). The Board has approved and paid for this
year's liability insurance for coverage of the major street event, applying the greater
portion of funds from last year's treasury in order to do so.

As such, we are currently in need of every member's renewal and support for
its Chamber so that we can continue to offer our membership great community
events and ownership/maintenance of the new web-site. Dues are $100 per year and
are payable at this time. Please complete the attached survey and invoice and
respond to our request for renewal asap by mailing your completed copies and
a check to The San Miguel Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 385, San Miguel,
Ca. 93451.

We thank you for your membership and look forward to fulfilling your desire
for business-friendly support in the North County area. 




A Chamber Update

By Miki Landseadel-Sanders

President of the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce


            On October 16th the membership of the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce was invited to its First Annual Meeting at RiverStar Vineyards and Winery in San Miguel, California. Great food was served by Dallas, of The 10th Street Café, Basque Restaurant, and by Melissa Saler of N2 Productions, an award-winning area caterer. People partook of the fine vintages of RiverStar and we were grateful to Muriel and Ed Dutton for their generous offer of their winery for this occasion.

Vicki Shelby, Frank Mecham’s Assistant, Greg Rambo, San Miguel Advisory Council Chairman and his wife, Mary, Jean and Richard Hoffmann, of The Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West, Rene Salas, Manager of the CSD, Noel Carpenter, an area realtor, the Templeton Chamber Executive Director, Berdette Robison and a representative from Continental Labor Resources in Paso Robles attended as well as Members of the Health Department, who presented details of the area food survey conducted by Kathleen Karle, the Health Department Director. This study had been completed earlier in the year at the Chamber’s request.

All told 26 people attended this historic meeting. Charter members in attendance were issued certificates of recognition.

On behalf of the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, we wish to thank each and every person who attended. We want the community of San Miguel to know that we are grateful for the assistance we initially received from the San Miguel Senior Center in their allowing us use of their facility while we constructed our bylaws. We also want to thank the SMRC for their ongoing support and friendship, for their providing us with a nonprofit status as one of their subcommittees while we were producing our Articles of Incorporation. Our appreciation for the San Miguel Resource Connection cannot be overstated. Without their help we might not exist today.

The Chamber has taken on two special community tasks that we’d like residents of San Miguel to know about. First, the SMCC is responsible for coordinating participation in clean-up and maintenance of the sidewalk gardens on Mission Street. We will have a community workday on November 17th from 8 AM to Noon on Mission Street. All members of the community are invited to help with this clean-up project. We’ll provide the donuts!

Secondly, the SMCC has hosted two Candidates Forums in San Miguel, one for the CSD and the other for San Miguel School Board candidates. We will likely continue to assume this responsibility for hosting future such forums. It would help greatly if the community attended.

Finally, we intend to retain our link with the Discover San Miguel Website even while pursuing our own website, the construction of which will be announced very soon. Once we have our own website, Chamber of Commerce members who are business owners or who represent community organizations can be assured a place for name recognition.

Now that we are a genuine Chamber of Commerce regular membership is due. This funding is essential to assure that improvements for business and community development occur in our area. Please contact me at or call (805) 975-6996 for more information.


Experience San Miguel!



Building Bridges

By Paula Fisk, Joyce Herman, Jean Hoffman and Lynne Schmitz (The CDG Historical/Cultural Committee)
Edited by Miki Landseadel

In the late 1880’s needs of the populace of northern San Luis Obispo County dictated that bridges across the Salinas River were needed in order for the local farmers and business people to transport goods and services. In addition, new roads would improve access to the various farming communities. The first two bridges and their access roads were built by and paid for from the pockets of concerned individuals in Templeton and Paso Robles.
Soon it became apparent that county coffers were increasing due to the “flow” over bridges and roads. The people demanded that the county pay back the investors and build a bridge in San Miguel. Suggestions to pay for the new construction included use of this new source of funds, new taxes, bonding road districts and encouraging private subscription.

Citizens joined together in an effort to enhance the quality of their lives by increasing access to goods and services. This helped advance resources and support for the community in San Miguel as well as the rest of North County. A drive to build a flouring mill here capitalized on the abundance of wheat produced by local wheat farmers who in turn were able to increase their profits by keeping production local. Without a local mill, San Miguel wheat farmers had been forced to ship their wheat to the Bay Area, resulting in little or no profit. Even in those days, profit in farming was based on middle levels of production. The mill proved to be a cooperative innovation that helped tide them over from year to year with consistent success.

San Miguel kept growing and developing. Public pressure was brought to bear on the county to build the bridge as a result of the new developments and because the river posed a major obstacle to access from farms and ranches to the town.  Since the bridges built with private funds had made a significant difference in the wealth of the overall county, officials finally acquiesced to the pressureand built the bridge. Today, although San Miguel is a much smaller community than it was then, it still makes sense for us as a community to band together to gain improvements by achieving a cooperative support network with our county administration. More recently, the county has adopted a much stronger presence in unincorporated areas such as San Miguel. Clearly, citizen unity and cooperation is influential in helping to maintain support for development as well as to retain a unified sense of our own specific community identity.
The people of San Miguel have a history of working together. This is how we will continue to build a growing community —by working together. We begin by developing a goal and then support the project to attain that goal - plan it, finance it, construct and enjoy it. We have sidewalk gardens and a community garden (at Lillian Larsen School) that we can all support right now and the Chamber Development Group has been conducting research to obtain a grocery store for our area. Together, we will achieve our vision for San Miguel!  

The San Miguel Chamber Development Group is  presently operating as a committee of the San Miguel Resource Connection.   For more information please contact:
Miki Landseadel, CDG President (805) 975-6996    email:

                                                                                            posted 4-23-2012

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