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San Miguel Forward Collaborative -- Committee Working on San Miguel Design Plan:  Notes from each meeting are made available for anyone interested.  Also, please contact Laverne Buckman @ 467-3467 or 2011SMRC@gmail.com  if you have questions or would like to be an active participant in the committee.    Notes from first meeting  Notes from second meeting,  notes from third meeting,  notes from 4th meeting, Feb4,    notes from 5th meeting, Mar.4    notes from 6th mtg., Document on proposed zoning changes.   April,  notes from zoning  follow up meetings regarding planners suggested re-zoning.  notes from May mtg.  notes from June mtg.   July meeting notes,  July mtg. analysis of ch 3 form  Aug meeting notes   Sept. notes, Oct. notes,  Nov. notes, Next meeting: Monday,Dec.9.   7pm@CSD    


San Miguel Community Events Board Updated 

The Community Events Board  has a new look.

Thanks to two local men, wood craftsman Dave Murrell

& artist SteveKalar,

The board was provided by the San Miguel Firefighters

 Association.  It was put in place to display large signs advertise upcoming  community events sponsored by the towns service organizations.  It will soon also have a separate display of logos for those organizations.

Dave Murrell was assisted in installing the sign top by his brother, Jim, and Gib Buckman.

Thanks to all for a job well done.



A point of  interest from the past: 1949 Rio Fire Engine that was retired from San Miguel Fire Dept in the 80's, purchased by Lester Rougeot for a non-profit kids camp,  where it  now sits on 7X Ranch in Adelaide,  and still bears name of San Miguel Fire 



San Miguel Community Services District Hires Interim General Manager

Rene Salas, current General Manager, left his position on June 11, 2013.  The district is in the process of recruiting a new General Manager.  In the meantime, David Bentz has been hired as Interim Manager.  Mr. Bentz is an independent contractor who has experience consulting in revenue allocation management as well as management of public agencies.  Please welcome Mrs. Bentz to our community.

  • ann Granados Memorial 8.5.13

       It was designed and created by Steve Kalar.  With the help of the 
    Kalar family, it was installed this past Monday.   According to Steve, the heralding angels  represent her watching over us.  Heart for the Arts is what Ann started as a fundraising effort for the San Miguel Resource Connection’s Masters At Their Trade Program.  She did this because of her love for music and performing Arts.  Ann taught keyboard, choir and performing arts for the MATT program.  The cows represent her love for her cows and ranch in Indian Valley.  You will also notice a few angels from student art integrated in the piece.  The cut out holes in the two hearts represent the hole in our hearts left by the lack of her presence.  Ann will be mostly remembered for the teacher that she was and the place she holds in her students hearts.   The memorial itself also represents  us thanking  teachers for the amazing service they provide for their students. 

    SLO County Garbagemen's Association Presents generous donation to Lillian Larsen Elementary 
    The San Luis Obispo County 

    Garbagemen's Association is dedicated to supporting the communities they serve.  At the August 8th San Miguel School District Board Meeting they presented a very generous check for $2500. to Lillian Larsen Elementary School which will be used to support the fine arts and music programs including after school keyboarding classes. Representing the San Luis Obispo County Garbagemen's Association were Dale and Isiah Gomer of Paso Robles Waste, joined by San Luis Obispo County First District Supervisor Frank Mecham, Aron Kardashian of San Miguel Garbage Company, San Miguel School District Superintendent Curt Dubost, Board President Randy Kwiatkowski, seated are Board members Mary Jo Del Campo and Steve Christian.

      Hornets Works, a new pilot youth job skills training program at Lillian Larsen School..  It began last fall and continued for a smaller group  during the summer with a minimal amount of funding.   The goal is to expand the program this school year, but funding is needed so that students can receive some minimal wage for their work time.  Please contact Christina Wilkinson at 805-467-3216 ext 124 or cwilkinson@sanmiguelschools.org , if you or your business would like to help with this effort.  information about  this program  is contained in the slide show.      



       The San Miguel Library is located at 254 13 th Street next to the baseball diamond. Open hours are 12 to 4 Tuesday, 11am to 4 Wednesday, and 12 to 6pm Thursday. The library has a nice selection of children's books and adult fiction and non-fiction books, books-on-CD, music CDs, magazines, and dvds.     For more information click under ABOUT TOWN/Recreational Services  in the side menu.



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