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Healthy Hornets Update

1. Universal Breakfast in the Classroom
All students will enjoy a nutritious breakfast in their classrooms this year during attendance, lunch count, morning announcements, and (depending on grade level) teacher reading introduction to the day’s lesson, daily morning quiz, student partner spelling and vocabulary drills or even reading directions to the opening activity. All children must be seated in class by 8:15. Yes, school starts earlier for all students this year but the bus is on the same schedule. While breakfast is being served at no charge, donations to the breakfast program will be accepted. Many states and school districts in California have found that feeding children in the classroom simultaneously with directed academic activities increases focus not only in fueling the brain but setting the tone for learning in the quieter setting of classroom versus cafeteria. Students who eat breakfast at school have fewer tardies, behavior problems, and social issues as well as to have improved grades, understanding of concepts, and in the long run higher test scores. Breakfast: It’s in the bag! Cool and warm rolling totes have been purchased for the delivery system and students from classroom jobs lists will manage the pickup and delivery of breakfast each morning. Our program matches up with the NFL and Dairy Council program: Fuel-up to Play 60! Check it out!

2.) Campus Cleanup and Barbeque
Saturday, August 28 will be Playground Clean-up Day at Lillian Larsen and at Cappy Culver Schools from 9 until noon
. Bring your gloves and hand tools and help us clean-up the summer leavings from community activities to make the grounds a source of pride for our children and students. Starting with a clean campus helps children want to keep the play-yards clean and safe all of the time. You will have the opportunity to sample breakfast items for the Breakfast in the Classroom program and share in a barbeque at noon. What a fun family day and way to spend the morning at school showing how important school and its clean, healthy environment are to one and all. See you Saturday!

3.) The Healthy Hornets
Students 5th to 8th grades were invited to join the Healthy Hornet Youth Advocate Club this summer. They are working on a new nutrition campaign for the 2010-2011 school year as they retire the Rethink Your Drink Campaign. They are focusing on Foods as Superheros versus Foods as Villains. Stay tuned for presentations coming this fall. In addition the HH Club is learning new games to teach and play in the Recess Before Lunch playground time. Teams will be on the playground to teach, encourage participation, and referee activities. Equipment has been purchased from our TCE Grant with the help of the San Miguel Resource Connection to make everything possible. Awards are to be given for tastings, mileage club, activity hours logged and others. This all ties into the NFL and Dairy Council program: Fuel-up to Play 60! Watch for the purple shirts! All children are encouraged to wear purple on Thursdays to show commitment to Eating Health and Being Active. If your 5th to 8th grader has not joined the Club please encourage him/her to do so.  - Submitted by Eileen Rogers