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(January 2014)

Skills USA Hosts Elective Showcase at Paso Robles High School


Lillian Larsen 8th graders traveled to  Paso Robles High School on Friday, January 25th to check out the Skills USA program and what electives were offered to freshmen.


Skills USA is a national student organization emphasizing Career and Technical Education.  Paso Robles High School is proud to have Randy Canaday,  the 2012 California Skills USA Advisor of the Year,  as part of their team.  Canaday and his Skills USA colleagues organized the visit so incoming eighth graders could see firsthand some of the unique opportunities that await them at Paso Robles High School.


Graphic Communications, Building Trades, Automotive Technology, Intro to Health Services and Video Production all sound exciting but to just read about them in the Elective Handbook is not nearly as informative as walking into the classroom and seeing the teacher and student at work.


One of the programs that was getting rave reviews was Mr. Boswell’s Automotive Technology.  As the eighth graders saw high school students working on their trucks, tuning up engines, and adjusting the Mobile Electronics module, they paid attention.  Add to that the partnerships that Paso Robles High School has with Kohler Engines, Harley Davidson and the salaries that qualified mechanics can earn once they are certified, and many of the incoming freshmen were ready to sign up.