CHC Radiation Report

posted Sep 26, 2011, 2:18 PM by Laverne Buckman   [ updated Oct 9, 2011, 8:02 PM ]
Following the 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan and subsequent Tsunami, multiple nuclear reactors in Japan have become a threat for radiological release and potential meltdown.

Emergency Managers with the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Services (OES) have just participated in a conference call with state and federal officials. Again, federal officials are reminding local residents that according to the Nuclear Regulator Commission (NRC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) there is currently no threat of the spread of radiological contamination to the State of California.

There is continued monitoring being conducted throughout the Pacific at airports and shipping ports. While reports of radiological detection in California have surfaced in the media from the Comprehensive Nuclear Testing Treaty Organization (CNTTO), it is important to note that the detectors the CNTTO use are sensitive enough to detect nuclear testing underground on the other side of the world. It is important to note that the amount of radiation detected is equal to approximately one-millionth of the dose rate that a person normally receives from rocks, bricks, the sun and other natural background sources.

Questions regarding these tests can be directed to the California Department of Public Health phone line at 916-341-3947. Please *click here for the complete report as provided by the Community Health Center San Miguel.

Sagebrush Days Parade

Lions club parade float
Last year's first place parade winner

Plan now for the annual Sagebrush Days Parade and Peddlers Fair on Saturday, April 16th. Peddlers of antiques, art, crafts, cowboy gear, leather goods, old tools, quilts, saddles, tack and produce are *invited to register for a booth now. Booth space is $25 per 12x8 ft. or $40 for two. For fair information call Mike Sanders at 805-712-9120.

Start planning your parade entry now to make this our best parade ever! *Click here for the entry form. Seeparade photos from years past for ideas.

You are invited to join the Parade Planning Committeethe first Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM at the San Miguel Fire Station. Ideas, sponsors and volunteers are needed to make each parade better than before.

For more info call Fire Chief Roland Snow at 805-391-0137. Special thanks to the San Miguel Resource Connection, San Miguel Volunteer Firefighters and the many community partners sponsoring the parade!

Church Start Invites Community

Refuge Church in San Miguel

Refuge Church, an affiliate of Refuge Church Atascadero, is inviting residents to attend their new venue for worship in San Miguel. Ronnie and his wife Michelle Godfrey are excited to be in ministry here.  “We see this community that is rich in culture, we love to drive around and see families spending time together in their yards and with their neighbors. San Miguel is a very friendly warm community, the people have welcomed us with open arms and we feel so thankful to be here.”

The Godfrey’s and many others prayed for three years for San Miguel before the church doors were opened. Currently Ronnie is teaching through the Gospel of Mark on Sunday Mornings. Ronnie says, “it’s good to back in San Miguel as I graduated from 8th Grade at Lillian Larsen, class of 1976. I love it here!” His heart is to see every person in San Miguel come into a relationship with Jesus.

Ronnie and Michelle look forward to meeting new friends in San Miguel and are blessed to be a part of this community. Refuge Church has something for everybody, including the Spanish community. Aldo Soto and his wife Becky minister to the Spanish speaking communityevery Friday Evening. The Soto’s are also very grateful for the opportunity to share the love of God with the San Miguel community.

Refuge Church is actually on 13th street, but the address is 6599 #6 Mission Street. They invite you to join them on Sunday Mornings for Service in English at 9:30 a.m. or for Spanish Service every Friday night at 6:30 p.m. Children’s Ministry is available at both services.

If you would like more information about Refuge Church please call 805-423-4692 or logon to our website or you can also find us on Facebook. - story and photo submitted by Michelle Godfrey

Lions Club Speaker 
Contest Winner

San Miguel Lions Club speech contest judges
Speech contest winner Eli Vargas is pictured with the judges

San Miguel Lions Club held their 74th Annual Speakers Contest on February 17th. The contest topic was "Enforcing our Borders; State vs. Federal Rights." The winner is Eli Vargas, from San Miguel.

The Judges were Eileen Rodgers, Brian Farrell, and Tom Apaarian. Contest Coordinator was John Craspay.

The next competition will be held in Templeton March 3rd at the Templeton Lions Club at the Women’s Club on Main Street. This competition is open to five (5) speakers. The same topic will be under discussion as was represented at the San Miguel Lions Club. - story and photo submitted by Mike Sanders.

Students Jump Rope

Larsen students jump rope
Lillian Larsen students practice their new jump rope skills

Through the efforts of San Miguel Resource Connection,  students  at  Lillian Larsen School have been experiencing some special jump rope classes.   Matt Zolynsky, who does  jump roping competitions himself,  came to Lillian Larsen School P.E. classes in January to help motivate kids to be more active.   All students who have P.E.  on Fridays have been able to participate.  That means the majority of students at the school.   The students are excited about the new skills they have  learned and the challenges he has given them to keep trying new “tricks”.   They were presented with a wide variety of jump rope skills and techniques: different spins,   group jumping,   doubles,  sitting jumping,  speed,  double & triple spin jumping, mixing jumping  with physical stunts, variety of types of ropes, and a large variety of ways to use jump ropes.

Students have enjoyed having him help them learn new skills and are practicing their jump roping at recess time.   From single ropes to long ropes to double ropes for Double Dutch, Double Irish, Egg Beaters and to triple ropes for circular routine and “chase” patterns the recess times see the children moving and laughing daily.  

We also noticed other  positive outcomes of Matt’s classes.  Seventh  graders put on a special jump rope class for second graders since that grade missed out on the Friday classes.  Sixth grade challenged 4th graders for more jumping on the playground. A team of 8th graders are working to create a potential jump rope team and hope to find an advisor parent to take them to Matt’s YMCA classes to become competitors by learning the routines.

Needless to say, jump roping also improves fitness and helps kids to find easily accessible, fun  ways to stay active.  All of this has been a part of the Healthy Eating, Active Living programs at Lillian Larsen School!

If you are interested in getting involved in helping with the jump rope activities or other active living or healthy eating programs at the school, please contact Eileen Rogers at Lillian Larsen School.  - story and photos submitted by Laverne Buckman

San Miguel Design Workshop

San Miguel Design Workshop
Residents give their input at the final design workshop

Based on the ideas received in the two previous community meetings, the Cal Poly students presented draft consensus plans to community members on January 27th. The community members were asked to comment on four areas of the plan, including: residential development; circulation, parks, and public facilities; downtown district; and service commercial districts.

Public insight was garnered through discussion, surveys, and a dot exercise whereby community members placed dots next to key features they liked or disliked. The Cal Poly students  also attended a DELAC meeting on February 3rd  to engage the Spanish-speaking community. Support was expressed for many key features in all four areas; suggestions  brought forth will be incorporated into the Draft San Miguel 2035 Community Plan public review document. 

For additional information regarding the plan formation, community members may contact Zeljka Howard, Faculty Adviser, at, or Chuck Stevenson  -story and  photo submitted by Zelkja Howard