Welcome to San Miguel


Oct. 31.... Harvest Festival, 6-8 pm for children of all ages, corner 13th & L.St., F.D.A.V.Church

Nov. 2....4 pm "When Women Won the Vote" at San Miguel Library,(NE corner of park) free documentary & discussion-- refreshments

Nov. 8... Bingo at Sr. Center 6:30                 

Nov. 12...2 pm Friends of the Adobes meeting, Rios-Caledonia                 

Nov. 21...San Miguel C.S.D  board mtg. 7 pm  

Nov. 22...Bingo at Sr. Center 6:30

Nov. 27....7 pm  San Miguel Advisory Com. Mtg.    

Nov. 28...Happy Thanksgiving !   

Dec. 21...San Miguel Christmas Lights Parade and Craft Faire, downtown San Miguel. Check with Mike at Mercantile downtown for entry forms, more information, or if you want be on the planning committee, or helping day of...                         


     About San Miguel

The town of San Miguel, CA began with the building of Mission San Miguel on July 25th, 1797. The population of this small community has grown to over 2,300 based on the most recent 2010 census. San Miguel continues to grow with new development and businesses! The core of San Miguel is its rich history.

Time to Get Involved!

A healthy community needs involved community members

San Miguel Fire Dept. is actively seeking firemen. They will train you, you just have to commit some time and you will get paid for the time you put in. At the same time you will reap the rewards that come from helping others. Drop by the CSD to find out more!  It's time to get involved.


San Miguel Garbage Company instrumental in obtaining a SLO Garbagemen's Association donation to San Miguel Fire Dept. for two new and more advanced AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) which will allow better coordination with other agencies in saving lives. Thank you SLO Garbagemen's Association!


Volunteers still needed at Historic Rios-Caledonia!

It's time to get involved! All we're asking is 3 hours of your time, once a month.  Docents are needed to keep the Museum open for more visitors. We need docents on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays from 12-3 pm.  We'll train you.  It's pretty simple.  You'll get to learn more about early Calif. & San Miguel History.  Call Laverne at 805-467-3467 or stop by the Caledonia for more information or to get signed up.  It's Time!

Contribute to Lillian Larsen School, student project: "filtered-water-bottle filling station" fundraiser:  at the school or online at:


or call for more information: (805-467316 x205)


Check in with Mike at SM Mercantile to find out how you can get involved in Christmas Parade or Craft Faire!


A Snippet from the past:

A story told by Gib Buckman, based on what some "old timers" had told him about the building of the old jail and fire station on L and13th St.


Probably in the mid 1940’s : The Elkhorn Bar was owned by Jack Stringham where Bill Chames, a  local carpenter,was a frequent visitor. One day Bill and Jack were sharing drinks in the Elkhorn and with too much to drink, they started fighting.. The local constable arrived and they both were arrested and had to appear before the judge. The judge told them they would have to build a jail and a fire station for restitution. So they built the jail. When it was finished, they “had “to celebrate with a few drinks. As result they were again arrested and this time placed in the jail they had just built.



Check out the organizations that help make this community so great!

About SMRC

San Miguel Resource connection is a non-profit group of volunteers focused on connecting community members.

Remembering Our Heritage

The San Miguel History Project is a community lead project organized by SMRC. The goals of the project are to uncover the history of San Miguel and share that rich history with the community.

San Miguel Adult Programming at San Miguel Library Flyer