Welcome to San Miguel

Sat. Sept. 7@ 4pm: Join adult Library Program "The Progressive Era", part of series "The Unfinished Nation."

Friday Sept. 13- Sr.Citizens Bingo 6:30 pm

Sat Sept. 14- Nina Rhines & Jan Grisby, 

   songs & storytelling for all ages 1 pm 

    San Miguel Library at the Park

Wed. Sept. 25-San Miguel Advisory Com. mtg. 7pm

Thurs.Sept,26- San Miguel CSD Board mtg. 7 pm


Supervisor John Peschong--call (805)781-4491


Special thanks to Alex for setting up our new website and showing me how to get started.  Please be patient with me as I struggle to learn a new way of presenting information.  Any questions or comments please email me at 2011SMRC@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do.

We have a new church congregation in town at "the little white church at the bottom of the hill at 13th St".  Iglesia Fuente De Agua Viva,   Mike Duran, pastor.  They are a bilingual, community minded, church; and it is a pleasure to again have a church in town interested in being involved in the community.


About San Miguel

The town of San Miguel, CA began with the building of Mission San Miguel on July 25th, 1797. The population of this small community has grown to over 2,300 based on the most recent 2010 census. San Miguel continues to grow with new development and businesses! The core of San Miguel is its rich history.

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    About SMRC

    San Miguel Resource connection is a non-profit group of volunteers focused on connecting community members.

    Remembering Our Heritage

    The San Miguel History Project is a community lead project organized by SMRC. The goals of the project are to uncover the history of San Miguel and share that rich history with the community.