San Miguel Chamber of Commerce

Taking Pride in our Community—A plea to keep it trash-free and nicely landscaped.

San Miguel Chamber of Commerce has made great progress  improving the garden areas along Mission St.

Fall of 2018 they applied for and procured a county grant of $1300 to pay for expenses involved in making improvements to those gardens.   At about the same time, they received a donation from San Miguel Garbage Company of some compost for garden plots between 13th and 14th Streets that was spread on top of ground to allow soaking in and later be mixed into the existing dirt.

  If you are not aware, the soil in the existing garden beds was poorly prepared when first installed by county contractors, including inadequate watering system and has been an ongoing struggle to keep them looking nice.  Since the county was only taking responsibility for installation, maintenance didn’t happen for some time.  Thankfully the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce agreed to take on this project.

When the spring weather allowed, further work was undertaken on gardens between 13th and 14th St. thanks to having the grant money with which to work.   First the gardens were properly weeded before adding more soil amendments.  Organic starter soil, organic fertilizer, and organic soil were mixed together into the weed free composted soil in the beds.  This included 100% organic compost available at Home Depot, Jobes Organic Fertilizer, and diluted Fish Emulsion. Plants were purchased from Arroyo Grande Native Sons Nursery, planted and supplied with individual drip system for water, then weed prevention cover sheets were installed and then covered with bark purchased from Rossi in Templeton.    Mr. Gavino and his son from Paso Bamboo (on River Rd just out of San Miguel) assisted Mike and Miki Sanders with most of the installation work.  Mr. Gavino 


also donated the two picnic benches at 14th St as well as the two new trees.  He also has volunteered to be responsible for maintaining the 14th St. large garden area with the picnic tables.   Wow!  Thank you Mr. Gavino and son as well as Mike and Miki.

Mike Sanders, who spearheaded this for the Chamber, would love to have more people step up to the plate and offer to take responsibility for maintaining a garden area.  The plan is to apply for more grant money this year and complete more garden sections.  The blocks between 11th - 13th should be easier because they won’t need quite as much work.

The goal is to have beautiful landscaping along Mission St. to enhance the town, especially the downtown.  Everyone can help by just putting trash in the provided trash receptacles rather that throwing it on the ground.  The hope is that people will take pride in the downtown and do their part to keep it looking nice.


 Call Mike @ 805-712-9120 for more info